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An Offering of Short Stories

• Ihsan Bracy

ISBN: 978-1-887276-10-8 • PB $

“In 22 graceful stories bracy displays his professional control of material, craft and literary vision. bracy belongs with the group of writers who since Zora Neale Hurston have strived to manifest African American literary language as sacred texts and griotic literature as working literature. It is a significant work from a significant voice, from whom I suspect the best is yet to come. ” -Arthur Flowers, author of De Mojo Blues,
Black Issues Book Review May/June, 1999

“Family and friendship are bracy’s forte… in this ensemble of 22 short pieces based on the history of his ancestors, half South Carolina Gullahs and half Blue Ridge Virginians…stories of childhood loom large.” -PUBLISHERS WEEKLY-Oct.12, 1998

“With painstaking detail, bracy retells his family’s epic, inviting readers into his family with pride that will be felt almost immediately.” -MULTICULTURAL REVIEW -Sept.,1999

“There is myth and magic in this book and readers will find themselves nodding their heads in wonder, appreciation and approval as they savor each story. ” -American Library Association (Black Caucus, NOV.,1998 )