My Diabetes Log Book

by Captain René J. Coté aka. RJ

Logging 4 Success

My Diabetes Logbook offers a most handy and vital tool to keep records and build a plan to control your type-l or type-ll diabetes better!!

I recommend this log book for anyone who wants to be in control of their blood glucose. I am so proud of RJ for his hard work and dedication to th his health and for creating such an innovative tool.

— Dr. Renata Dhiloah DCN MS RD CDN RYT CMT

The purpose of this logbook is to serve your highest purpose, the betterment of your long-term health. Keep track of your meals, blood sugar readings, and exercise habits for a lifetime of diabetes remission. Consider your print in this book an initiation of your commitment to  self-engagement and self-love that will unite others to follow your leadership.

—Darryl Diaz, Nutritionist and Diabetic Coach

As a type-I diabetic for over 25 years and has always been challenged to track his numbers. “I can actually see and feel my blood glucose improving while I use this log.”

—Capt. René Jos. Coté III