Nina Zivancevic

Poet, essayist, fiction writer, playwright, art critic, translator and contributing editor to NY ARTS magazine from Paris, Serbian-born Nina Zivancevic published 15 books of poetry. She has also written three books of short stories, two novels and a
book of essay on Milosh Crnjanski (her doctoral thesis) published in Paris, New York and Belgrade. The recipient of three literary awards, a former assistant and secretary to Allen Ginsberg, she has also edited and participated in numerous
anthologies of contemporary world poetry. As editor and correspondent she has contributed to New York Arts Magazine, Modern Painters, American Book Review, East Village Eye, Republique de lettres. She has lectured at Naropa University, New York University, the Harriman Institute and St.John’s University  in the U.S., and she has taught English language and literature at La Sorbonne (Paris I and V) and the History of Avant-garde  Theatre at Paris 8  University in France and at numerous universities and colleges in Europe. She has actively worked for theatre and radio: 4 of her plays were performed and emitted in the U.S. and Great Britain In New York she had worked with the “Living Theatre” and the members of the “Wooster Group”.  Nina Zivancevic lives and works in Paris.

A Minor Literature review of ROLLERSKATING NOTES, a book of poems by Nina Zivancevic.

Nina Zivancevic is the winner of the 2021 Centre National du Livre grant for creative writing (poetry domain) for a project titled, “The Source of Light,” after the Syrian poet Nouri Al-Jarrah who exclaimed: poetry is the only source of Light! Roller-Skating Notes is published by Coolgrove Books.

MINOR LITERATURE REVIEW above is written by Jessica Slote who is a poet, performer, and co-founder of Loretta Auditorium, a cooperative of theatre artists:  Her book of plays, Loretta Auditorium Presents The Body of Loretta (2019), published by Fly By Night Press, NYC, is available through Tribes