The Origin of Puccini the Cat

Charlotte Lily Gaspard

Publishing Date: SEPTEMBER ’24 • ISBN: 978-1-887276-47-4

The Origin of Puccini the Cat is a book that introduces the reader (5th grade and up) to the on-going episodic adventures of Puccini the Dream-Cat and his true love the Princess of the Dream-Cats, featured in shadow puppeteer and story teller Charlotte Lily Gaspard’s live puppet shows.

Origins of Puccini , is a 32 page four-color book richly illustrated and designed by the author in a way only Ms. Gaspard can as the creator of all the characters and the world they live in. With The Origins of Puccini the Cat, the book, the reader is liable to enter an enchanting world of creative imagination created and projected by the author.

For more information and background on Puccini and his creator Charlotte Lily Gaspard and her Science-Fiction fairytale shows please visit:

About the author-artist: Charlotte Lily Gaspard

“Part celestial creature, part sophisticated human” is how Charlotte Lily Gaspard has been described by Faerie Magazine when contemplating the ethereal artist and her work in one of their features. Shadow puppet artist, storyteller, educator and children’s entertainer, Charlotte’s mission is to activate imaginations and celebrate playfulness wherever she goes.

A “multi-faceted enchantress… the fanciful mastermind behind Midnight Radio Show” {Broadway World},

 Charlotte is the founder and artistic director of Midnight Radio Show, a shadow puppet sci-fi fairytale theater company based in Brooklyn, NYC.