Plunky Branch

J. Plunky Branch began his music career while attending Columbia University in New York City in 1967.  He moved to San Francisco during the tumultuous 1970’s and established his African avant-garde group, Juju.   Migrating back to NY Plunky began working with free jazz pioneers Ornette Coleman, Pharaoh Sanders, Sam Rivers and artists on the Strata-East Record label.   For the next several years, Plunky & Oneness of Juju, would continue to evolve, occasionally touring in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.  A studio musician, record producer, writer of over 400 songs, and documentary film producer, Branch has released over 35 albums through his independent record companies.  A political activist, educator and writer, he was recognized by the Library of Virginia as one of the 2015 Strong Men and Women in Virginia History.

New York Times AUGUST 2020

Plunky Branch time capsule