Tattvasiddhi & Madhyamakalankara

The Attainment of Suchness & Madhyamakalankara, the Ornament of the Middle Way

Shantarakshita translated by Friquegnon and Mandelbaum

ISBN: 9781887276771 • $ 24.95

On Shantarakshita, the author of Tattvasiddi, the attainment of suchness & Madhyamakalankara, the ornament of the middle way:

“By tasting of the feast of reasoning contained therein, One will become a crown and summit of the many learned ones Who on the path of reasoning for many lives, Through many hardships came to mastery in proof and refutation, Uprooting every falsehood. Even in the noble land this master’s like was rarely found. Ah, such was the great fortune of the people of Tibet He was invited by their king and sovereign! And as I think of it my mind Is helplessly transported with a wondrous joy.” —Je Tsongkhapa

“I venerate the great abbot Shantarakshita, whose skill opened the way of using logical reasoning, to explain to his disciples in accordance with their dispositions, the Middle Way path of emptiness, devoid of duality. He spread the conqueror’s teachings in the Land of the Snows.” —His Holiness the Dalai Lama translated by Geshe Lozang Jamspal