CoolGroveTalk before quitting 2020

In the middle of it all

CoolGroveTalk before quitting 2020

Extraordinary people, facts and notions to bring along into 2021

This harvester is very busy right now. Stay alive please

                    CoolGroveTalk from the tail end of 2020

Dear friends,
Thank you for opening this mail. CoolGroveTalk is our newsletter to bring you what we think is cool and important. It will be the way to keep you informed about people, things, changes and additions to the mothership Coolgrove. 

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Stateside (things inside the USA), we just dodged two (could-have-been-fatal) bullets if you are a freedom and pro-democratic republic loving person, but not if you are like to be led by an oligarchy. Again, a close shave but the year isn’t over yet, so let us stay alert. We will need to adapt to the change since the vaccine is not likely to restore the past. What will we learn from all the loss and suffering? 

It may well be the dawn of a new awakening (if enough of us dare take it there), when so much of the world’s population is weirdly lulled into a waking nightmare — the lemmings are blindly following the mechanical piper to the edge of a bottomless cliff  and we shout WAIT! STOP!

Repeating  lies to justify robbery in plain sight night and day is the poison we refuse to inhale. Anyway you cut it, willful ‘dehumanization of self and other’ is hardly a formula for success.

Hell yes! Black Lives Matter. It is not just a slogan but the key to open doors to our humanity. Protect our humanity!  Let us reclaim ours before it is too late. 

The two great challenges of a. lowering global warming and b. the prevention of the genocide of indigenous people everywhere go hand in hand.  They require us to adopt values that come from a mindset that is protective of mother earth and against monopoly capital’s markets’  plunder for profit. 

We need information and knowledge to give us a fighting chance. Cutting edge scientific discoveries merged with ancient, traditional knowledge and skills may well be the only path-way forward. Presenters at the 2020 Bioneers Conference are right now addressing exactly these issues via the virtual platform.

Numerous cutting edge solutions are introduced through the end of the year.

BIONEERS logo-menu.png

BIONEERS CONFERENCE 2020 (virtually)…Dec 5th to the 31st. 
It embraces the great diversity of world views with common goal of healing our civilization, build a new world based on hindsight and timeless knowledge. A visit to the presenters, panels and topics is an impressive eye opener. Proud to say that among the inspired leadership there is J. P. Harpignies (with some of his books at Coolgrove) — who is the program director for the BIONEERS CONFERENCE. Please survey the link provided even if you cannot attend, no matter where you live, it is of critical relevance.  The topics are global, deep and educational for our survival on this planet.

Art, Business and Lifestyles

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ART AND THE CELEBRATION OF COLOR are embodied in the tied, dyed and dried wearable art {HAND DYED APPAREL} by artist/producer Sage Hazarika and artist/painter Debbie Kenote. Their creative output of the past four months after their participation and bicycle ride to DC in solidarity with the BLM demonstration, can be seen, felt and acquired at an OUTDOOR HOLIDAY MARKET:



Or else, check on their website below, one of a kind durable wear. CABOOTEES  [HAND DYED APPAREL] 

Behold the CABOOTEES—wearable art gifts for all.
booksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooksCoolgrove PressCoolgrove Press is the book imprint.  Also under Coolgrove Press, our Northeast (India)  Perspectives series.


The hive is abuzz 
Books published in 2020
COOLGROVE.COM is the home of  COOLGROVE PRESS the book imprint. Holiday reading:
Kevin Bartelme’s short stories: LET THEM EAT RUBBISH  (Humor)&Gerald Nicosia’s poetry book BEAT SCRAPBOOK  (Poetry)&
Saul Braun’s novella  STORM WARNING: the recurring nazi within (Drama)tells it like it was in a small town Germany in 1933. This book is a chilling reminder of what can still happen here. 

In 2021 Coolgrove Press will be greatly enriched by new titles in production fromLouise Landes Levi, Nina Zivancevic, Matt Marble, Mark Bloch, Niharika Mishra, Arati Baruah, Charlotte Lily Gaspard, Robbie Saltaire, Rajen Baruah, Azahara  Palomeque and Rafael Leonardo Black.


For those of you into the ESOTERIC MUSIC TRADITIONS of North America discover amazing examples dug up by musician/writer/artist and ‘gemologist’  Matt Marble (Buddhist Bubblegum, coolgrove, 2021) on his Instagram feed: 


Great Americans can be found here and let’s just agree, it takes one to know one.

Sadly, friends and family among the BIG LOSSES IN 2020

You are missed. We thank you for being yourselves and showing your love.

Mingus on Caprice 2020.jpg

Our MINGUS (who needs surgery)  on board CAPRICE, courtesy Captan RJ 

Hope you will visit again, there perchance, to discover a buried treasure, in your own cell phone. 

I wish each of you SAFE conduct to the VACCINELAND, SAFE HOLIDAYS and beyond. —Tej Hazarika


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