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Tej’s blog start here today

Today is the day I wow to write to this blog as frequently as I can. 

Why? Because I run a small and independent publishing outfit. Coolgrove Press. Why coolgrove? Because we are trees and 3° cooler  my new slogan. Do you know how to type “°” ?  Is that cool and environmentally sound? Just what we need. 

This fall, for November, I submitted 7 titles to Publishers Weekly and they seem interested in two of the titles. I can hardly believe it.  One is Buddhist Bubblegum with a long subtitle, Matt Marble’s biography about musician Arthur Russell (1951-1992). The other one is The Origin of Puccini the Cat illustrated and written by Charlotte Lily Gaspard. 

I am holding my breath to see if they will actually print some reviews…we shall soon see before the month is out. We might even sell some books. But even as the publishing activity is increasing I have started painting as If I was a jeweler being careful and making things that would increase in value in time. Which is another way of saying that it would be something that owners would be inspired by it, over time, overtime they look at it. I hope I can achieve that. But we know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we only get what we see. 

Scheduled events for the book in NYC.

18th Nov: Archestratus never been, looking forward

20th Nov: Printed Matter never been looking forward

21st Nov: Nublu been and now back with our own gig. 

Met Arthur in ’79. Played some music with him because I told him i wanted to get back into it. He obliged by inviting me to play guitar in a folk/country repertoire of his….even as he would give me test pressings of “Is it all over my face” and “I wanna go bang” and i marveled at the diversity he was straddling. But the disco stood apart in his use of words…they echoed a search for truth in the language of Buddhism the way it has been taught in the west. With him, never lost in translation, as far as I could see. 

We drifted apart and now I wind up publishing his most music and esoteric biography. Surreal to say the least. Never knew how prolific Arthur was, a ‘loose joint’ that never stopped ‘smoking’ he must work night and day in different studios and have time to attend Tibetan Buddhist teachings with a healthily critical eye toward details on pedagogy comparing with other schools he had been too. He was never boring but he was most serious but loved to smile, joke and laugh. Matt explores all this. Uncanny how without meeting Arthur he is able to glean all that he has in his book. I was touched by Arthur. What an honor it is to publish this book! And Matt is mine of information about popular esoterica…that sounds weird right?

started a 4 am this morning. it is now 7.52 pm. Waiting for Singapore-my-fun…curried fun. 

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