In the middle of it all

Coolgrove is a cultural resource for reconciling conflicting worldviews. When world events and ideologies threaten our freedoms and notions of ‘humanity’ it behooves all peace and freedom loving people to remember personal and general history in terms of the freedoms enjoyed by individuals and diverse communities. As our humanity unites us, our inhumanity divides us. Applied science and the study of the humanities expressed in literature, art, music film can educate, heal and empower us. Just, enlightened societies can be conceived and created. And we must dream of better worlds and persevere to materialize them.

If that rings a bell, welcome. Not: You are at a live constuction site so please forgive the unfinised appearence– like a building under construction. There is still a lot to discover with hints of the future shape. We believe that the nature of nature is change and we need to refresh our outlooks periodically (with all due respect to the absolute truth), in order to be attuned to Mothership Earth and her requirements to enjoy her opulence. At Coolgrove we strive to reflect that natural point of view which we believe to be accesible to everyone, without exception, if only, one can see the forest for the trees. Welcome to Coolgrove.