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Raymond Rafael Black
1948 ~ 2020
RJ Kikuchiyo
Matt Marble Subliminal_Seraphim
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Archive of amazing
American musicians
and personalities.
Tej Hazarika’
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Here I am sharing my personal discovery of a rich tradition of modern fine art. Unsurprisingly, for the artists and their would be collectors, even though African American artists have always been original and highly original, it would seem that their works may have been overlooked by academia, galleries and art dealers fixated on the business of art. I know little about it but as the ‘artist known as Prince’ asserted in a song, ….cream rises to the top…. and so, in populating this site, I will share my active discovery and appreciation of the genre that is now gaining recognition. Many of those now deceased artists, men and women who lived for art, survived due to far seeing collectors later becoming gallery owners who supported them by not only buying their works but exposing them to the public, in turn educating the public about ‘what is fine art’. An absolute neophyte to this world I am only claiming amazement for the richness of whatI am discovering. Below are two private galleries —Peg Alston Fine Arts and Ken Keleba House —facebook feeds below. They provide a survey. Works still to be captioned. To be continued…..

Art featured at PEG ALSTON FINE ARTS
Corinne Jenning’s KEN KELEBA HOUSE with a virtual tour of the last exhibit still up.