Fiction. NOVEMBER 2022



Two literary metaphor of 2020! [A year & decade forever scarred with infamy.]

If we crave more than hope for tomorrow, we need to learn the facts of the past— today!  

We may not all be fools, but we all collaborate in the foolishness of play

American Fool’s Day, author Anthony Kishko’s second artfully crafted work of literary fiction, is broadly informed about historical trends with its attendant qualities described in this work.  He describes the American ‘character’ for better or worse.  It tunnels us through a gallery of American behavior that ranges from gratuitously fearful, selfish and cruel to heroically sympathetic and generous when disaster strikes overseas, but, unfortunately, not always in a timely and generous fashion when it comes to it’s own citizens. [Katrina-New Orleans, Flint-Michigan, Jackson-Mississippi].  He notices, as does the rest of the world, the inconsistency with which different people react to the same issues. There is a dear price to be paid by some for such behavior. This novel for the 2020’s takes place in the 30’s when Duke The Suit [becomes] mysteriously warped into a 1939 film right [at the exploding cusp when] as the explosion of new technology grips power with propaganda [power and propaganda grips] & darkly galvanizes a world throttled by [Fascism & its consequences/or] Fascism [Totalitarianism], poverty and the shadows of global war—haunting the drowning [carnival] lights of a surreal, absurd and decadent Hollywood. We are hurtled on a rollercoaster by the pants of our seats with it’s unique architectural ‘racket’ filling our ears while at the some time offering us breathtaking views and sensations. Entertaining, it is not surprising that Mr. Kishko, a consumate musician with a huge love for literature, is able to find the humor, beauty and inspiration in that slide into the black hole though not without the sound track of objectivity and signs of humanity in the face of absurdity—at it’s most benign—not unlike some of his historical protagonists and players in the drama such as Jazz greats Louise Armstrong and Duke Ellington, neither of whom let the poison of Jim Crow laws to cramp their musical style, elan and output. Then there are the outrageous, Dadaistic shenanigans of ‘rank outsiders’, the Marx Brothers with their daring methods (in their slapstick movies)  of getting away with outrageous behavior in the mainstream world of Wasps. They were Brooklyn Jews in Hollywood just before the Nazi’s took over Europe. By then in America, being considered white (barely, considering how American did nothing to prevent their extermination in German death camps till the last moment), they could get away with things that black and brown people could never get away with (even in a movie!) in this country. Imagine what would have happened if the Jan 6th mob invading the Capitol building consisted of black and brown people. Welcome to America. 

Anthony Kishko, author

Although once kicked out of school for out of control behaviors—then graduating on top of his class, the author is a former High School English teacher who is a musician/guitarist, currently performing & recording with two groups with an expanding discography of albums (listed below,) skirting through genres of Funk, Progressive Rock, Fusion, World Music & Free Jazz. Long inspired by various genres of literature—classics, existentialism, modern/postmodern, sci-fi, & dystopian lit, this is his second novel.