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Release date: May 1st 2023


If we crave more than hope for tomorrow, we need to learn the facts of the past— today!  

We may not all be fools, but we all collaborate in the foolishness of play

This book asks the big questions conveyed through compelling angles of an expansive spectrum of mirrored details. It does not peddle nor pander for a political party or ideology but rather dives into a wider perspective by which we can step back and embrace a challenged democracy with our bunkered neighbors.  We are spared the red horizon spelling disasters of an uncivil war, competing dictatorships, or a global apocalypse ignited by our fears of “The Other”, thus averting a perverse polarization of all illusions to divide and conquer, to sink from opiated distraction, to a nameless grave. If we crave more than hope for tomorrow, we need to learn the facts of the past— today!  Here is a musical journey through literary prose.

American Fool’s Day is an open invitation to enjoy a timely epic farce. This novel for the 2020’s is set in the 1930’s when Duke The Suit is mysteriously warped into a 1939 film noire just as the explosive cusp of advanced technology grips power to galvanize a world throttled by totalitarianism, poverty and the hell shadows of global war. They haunt the blinding carnival lights of a surreal and decadent Hollywood fabricating and cloning their own realities of race, class and gender — beyond the traps of tribal identity politics.  

From corny Main Street to horny Wall Street, D.C. hurtle us on a runaway rollercoaster yet to stop. We are entangled in a spiraling cascade of plots and coups where the real underlying conspiracy has always been the super rich toying against the poor with the subsequent buffering of the deadly carnage unfolding in between by the electrified cash-crazy-casino-economy of a kleptocratic plutocracy fully invested in mesmerizing the star gazing public. We plow through the play of language to tackle the hyperbole of twisted swill — euphemism for a clandestine demagoguery poking right in the camel’s eye!  

To confront this amorphous hydra of wicked forces Duke the Suit joins the legendary and heroic Jazz musician Louis Armstrong, actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr and the prolific, resurrected, Marx Brothers in an exposition of their most outrageous shenanigans in slapstick dialogue and acrobatics ever. AFD is a literary metaphor for the year 2020 — a scarred and paranoid decade cutting us deeper still as the film within the story reflects back to us the 1930’s when many of our worst issues and paradigms took root. 

Anthony Kishko, the author

Although once kicked out of school for out of control behaviors—then graduating at top of his class, the author is a former High School English teacher who is a musician/guitarist, currently performing and recording with 2 groups with an expanding discography of albums (website link to info) skirting through genres of Funk, Progressive Rock, Fusion, World Music and Free Jazz.  Long inspired by various genres of literature—classics, existentialism, modern/postmodern, sci-fi, & dystopian literature. He belives we may not all be fools, but we all collaborate in the foolishness of play.  


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