or Knowledge of the Self

Essays on Indian Aesthetics, selected translations from the Sanskrit, and Reviews

• PD: OCT 2020 • ISBN: 978-1-887276-41-2 •

René Daumal translated by Louise Landes Levi

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René Daumal., best known for his novel Mt. Analogue, unfinished at his death, in 1944 (other works in English A Night of Serious Drinking,  The Power of the Word) was an autodidact, ie. a non academic Sanskritist. Following youthful explorations, with poet Gilbert Le Conte (Black Mirror) & initial instruction in Sanskrit with Rene Guernon, he embarked on a solitary study surpassing his teacher & eventually formulating his own Sanskrit dictionary. He translated essential texts on Sanskrit composition fr. the original & the first non-academic translation of the Bharatya Natya Sastra, the world’s first treatise on the Dramatic Arts, ca 4th century. He wrote numerous essays on Sanskrit poetics & their relation to spiritual etymology, the first to recognize the value of these texts for the artists & the cultural ambient of the 20th century.