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Dear book-lover,
As the publisher of a participating small Brooklyn based press, I urge you to attend the Brooklyn Book Festival on Sunday, September 16th. Across a wide plaza there will be numerous booths of small and independent publishers as well as  book-trade industry related services. There will be talks, panels and book launches and you can plan your attendance at this well attended fair in the heart of downtown Brooklyn at the website below.
Why Coolgrove? The changing face of the USA and the wider world and the resultant clash of narratives as we wrestle with the paradoxes of our reality are among Coolgrove’s central concerns.  We seek to highlight the work of original, unique voices that can contribute to the national and global conversations as we all strive to help steer our culture toward the better angels of its nature.  Coolgrove celebrates the diverse community of talents telling this complex story of ‘naturalization’ . The authors of our Fall 2018 titles address these issues through fiction, non-fiction and poetry.
If you are a writer interested in honing that public voice or know a serious writer straddling continents, cultures and divides to expose our underlying humanity and interdependence, or you are interesting in helping us to get the message across, come say hello at our booth [633].
—Tej Hazarika, publisher

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Coolgrove Press is an independent New York based publisher dedicated to promoting visions and voices that enlighten and unite humanity across all divides.  



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Billy and the Secret Ship launching at Bank Street Bookstore May 19th, 2018

You are invited to attend
7 to 9 pm, Thursday, May 24, 2018 at—
Salomon Arts Gallery, 83 Leonard Street, 4th floor (Tribeca)
a book party to celebrate, besides life with all it’s twists,
the independent small press movement to put a spell on the future, with….
AIN’T LIFE SWELL (new fiction from Coolgrove Press)
Author Kevin Bartelme strikes again.

Exactly what happened in Japan in 2011 and what kind of mess did it leave behind and how can it possibly affect life in the USA today? Find the answer between the covers of Coolgrove’s latest release.

In this contemporary family saga that hop-scotches all over the world, stopping on every continent but Australia and the South Pole, Kevin Bartelme again demonstrates his ability to drill, a little deeper, into manifestations of absurdity in the face of scientific and social issues that affect lives everyday not only in the USA but world wide.

Three generations of the Howell family, originally from California, manage to get in trouble with everyone from the CIA to the Mexican mob to Big Nuclear in a wild, farcical romp through the time zones, inviting us to reflect on the mess the human species has got itself into. Is there any escape from this seemingly inevitable impending train wreck?

This timely tome tries to ignore the question and will make great, light summer beach reading for anyone with their head in the sand.

Advance praise for the book and just what is it about.

“Ain’t Life Swell? is page after page of perfect pitch black observations about our existential insanity. I laughed till I puked.” —Lech Kowalski

“A delightful blend of wicked, often outrageous humor, mixed with some fairly sobering social commentary. Think of it as George Carlin meets Stephen Hawking. Riveting.” —Dave Macaray

“I loved it! An important wake-up call with light touch and steely resolve as required.” —Karen Stack

“Stop it! You’re making me think!” —Simon Feeney

As an admirer of Marcel Proust, the author Kevin Bartelme
has spent the last few years in a cork lined room fasting and
meditating on his numerous previous sins which, if revealed,
would fill another book or two. Other titles by this author:
The Great Wall of New York, O’Rourk, The Great Redstone
all with Coolgrove press.