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In the middle of it all

Thank you for visiting Coolgrove at this most scary time. Greetings, I am the publisher, Tej, writing from  Brooklyn.  My family and I are well and counting our blessings by staying home. On April 4th, I am updating this landing page to address the Coronavirus Covid-19 reality we live in. Besides physical distancing ( 6 feet apart) and face coverings in public spaces around other people, washing hands and not touching the face…here can be found some articles from health workers from the fronts (in Italy, China, S. Korea and, now NYC). Epidemic Updates from a Naturopath Paul Herscu regarding healing treatments for survivors. A tantalizing video Covid-19_Protecting Your Family by Dr Dave Price reporting from a major hospital in NYC sharing the experience. There being different reactions in humans, for those who survive after getting it go through a recovery process that can be helped perhaps making it more tolerable, in some cases, speed the restoration. Here is what the Indian Government is circulating about preventive measures and for healing from attack. Here is and in depth, Tibetan Medicine and Covid-19 information. I am uploading this information in the hope that it will help some people and their loved ones to understand better what this is. I am shook-up to the bone to make this public space offer at least something useful, a helpful notion, a change of attitude or perspective yielding some ‘deepening’ of our experience, some validation, some breakthrough, some recognition and acceptance of our mortality, transporting our expression beyond the superficial, that may save a life. Anything other than the impression that things are ‘business as usual’. Looks like a MAJOR attack on humanity and our civilization itself. Perhaps we are ‘being tested’ … maybe the optimistic view. We may have been here before but that fact is no comfort now and let’s just say it ain’t ova till it’s ova. There is probably a lot more where that came from. On Bordertalk I have started Covid-19 Notes on 2020 to keep a diary of sorts.
Let us renounce forever hubris and callousness of all forms. Let us put aside blind faith, heed what science teaches and face facts but for goodness sake, be humble, honest and RESPECT MOTHER EARTH for whom, humanity is a but flick of time. Covid-19 looks like WWII marine mines that innocently float around like balls with spikes. Watch out for those spikes. Before you go to a crowded store, DO YOU REALLY NEED IT?

Pandemic time. YIKES! Adapted from a what looks like a medieval plague-time symbolism, rather grim. So the Uroboros (reality eating itself?) encircles the ‘harvesting machine’ …double entendres, or puns not intended, represents, a deadly reality. My wish, “May the Uroboros eat the Harvesting Machine very quickly”. Shrink it quick. MITIGATION and CONTAINMENT. But instead, as time flies, and a harvest of humans is in effect night and day. In the wake of the harvest, a spectacular expose of human behavior. Humanity owes health workers and all first responders and their families the world. Contrasts greatly with bad behvior in great abundance. And talk about markets and economics? We do not own the planet. We own nothing. Yet we pretend. Work on the pipelines continues as masks get traded like pork rinds on the dark web. Millennial madness. But guess what? Mama don’t like our behaviors one bit. Mother earth, we already know, is completely capable of of reclaiming itself. We are in trouble, not mother earth. Better hope we don’t become collateral damage. Get out of the way if possible, this one is not biased. As brother David sang, in his song TIME, “We should be on by now”.