Billy and the Secret Ship

Mardee Kravit and Juliet Hitchner

ISBN: 9781-887276-79-5 • $ 9.95


Aimed at children 4-8, Billy and the Secret Ship is meant to be read to very young children and as a stand alone book for young readers. In both cases the initial read opens up a topic that leads to discussions between parents and kids. The book itself can be read on several levels, depending on the readiness and perception of whoever is receiving it; as pure adventure, as a journey of a child’s empowerment, as a gentle affirmation of how someone faces transiting from this world.


Mardee Kravit, the author, is a writer and producer whose work includes writing for ABC and NBC Daytime and creating and producing television shows for teenagers and children, including the iconic teen series Swan’s Crossing. In between producing an awarded short film, working with children to create their own stories and completing a YA novel, Kravit loves to salsa.      Juliet Hitchner, the illustrator, is an Indie game artist/designer self-taught in both traditional painting and digital art. She spends her down time creating art for Mega Games Society. Along with a group of gamers, artists and designers she helps develop and run large 20+ people games. Her most notable work has been for their flagship game “Watch the Skies”. When not illustrating or creating games, she can spend hours perfecting her Halloween music playlist.