Evan Margetson

ISBN: 978-1-887276-82-5 $ 12.95

Eaddon Towers had been through incarnations as a mogul’s mansion, a nursing home and for over sixty years a haven for its long time multicultural tenants. That is, until its choice location and river views gain the attention of real estate speculators. Stymied by the legal protections for those old tenants who stifle the march of market progress by refusing to move, one developer sends their best buyout specialist, Stella, to work her magic in clearing the building. Stella, herself a product of the Eaddon neighborhood and desperate for a vacation from her mercenary occupation, is ready to do anything to accomplish this job, leading her into a moral quandary about the meaning of “do anything.” In return, certain residents also have ideas about what they are willing to do to remain in the only home they’ve ever known. And in the meantime, a younger resident of the Eaddon, Bilal, a young man just trying to be decent, understand himself, and make an honest living, sees Stella through innocent eyes even as his parents see her in less flattering terms. And through it all, one important question: why not just move to the mythical land of Aruba?