Margie in the Morning

Robbie Saltaire

ISBN:  978-1-887276-97-7 Library of Congress Control Number: 2022933399 US 9.95

78 pages. 5.25″ X 8″ . Summer 2022

About the book

Sam Tanenhaus, former editor of the NY Times Book Review and Mary Lee Grisanti, chair of the Film Department at the School of Visual Arts, are a few of the advance readers who’ve enjoyed this joyous memoir.  It begins on August 21, 2001 when Robbie Saltaire finds himself browsing on a website that claims it can Find Any Death.  Despite that somber promise and its deceased title character, MARGIE IN THE MORNING is bursting with humor, optimism and pure delight at being alive in general and a young person in particular, wandering through Manhattan on a cool spring night in the early 1980’s. John Lennon, Alice in Wonderland and the girls of his 4th-grade class are some of the stars that guide the author from the Metropolitan Museum through Central Park to his corner bar, his bedroom and finally back to the Park for a memorable morning after.

About the author

Robbie Saltaire was born and grew up in Manhattan.  He’s worked as house-painter, editor, teacher and as a server at the fabled Papaya King.  He currently lives a few miles north of his native Manhattan.