River of Hurt

a novel by Tridiv Choudhury

ISBN: 978-1-887276-72-6 • $ 16.95

The tale of a land…and the river of hurt that runs through it…Can we put a definite date to things like ‘end of childhood’? But sometimes I think: that was the night when my childhood finally ended, the night that made me remember everything …afterwards forget nothing…”Ratan is a timid, lonely boy growing up in Assam in the late 70’s. He recounts those days before the turmoil began – his sleepy hometown set beside the mighty river, the unhappy home he grew up in, his grandpa with his passion for history, the village, boarding school, social schisms, loss of innocence and his shameful act – all that which goes on to shape life.The Assam Agitation begins against illegal migration and normal life is overwhelmed. But Ratan could not foresee what everything would turn out to be. The six-year long agitation ends unexpectedly, but instead of peace Assam witnesses the rise of insurgency. Ratan loses his only friend to militancy, unaware to what extent this brief association is to change his life. After a scene with his father he leaves home abruptly, just as the army operations begin in Assam against the militants.Years later – when Ratan is living and working in the relative safety of a metropolis, and feels he has left everything behind – his past, and Assam, come hurtling back into his life. His destiny pulls him towards his soul mate, but she is someone with a terrible secret. Hers is a tale of courage and endurance. Together they have to face the past, present and future.

Born in 1968, Tridiv Chowdhury graduated in English from Cotton College, Guwahati, and after a varied career, found his calling in writing. He is fascinated by historical fiction, and the potential for finding drama in historical settings. River of Hurt is his first published work of historical fiction. His hobbies include traveling, music, movies and cricket. Currently he is working on a novel set in medieval Assam.

Tridiv Chowdhury