Soldiers of Culture

Rhiddhis Chakravorty

• ISBN: 978-1-887276-78-8 • $ 14.95

We are surprised by the unexpected in each of the fifteen short stories of this debut anthology. Writing in English prose with an Indian touch, Chakravorty treats us to an intriguing spectrum of human behavior to be found—in the spark of romance, in the paranoia of insecurity, in the pain of ideological obsession as well as in flights of fancy and ecstasy. They offer a colorful tour through the eyes and ears of the men and women next door, street thugs and prostitutes, politicians and journalists—diverse characters, to be found anywhere in the world, at any time.

Rhiddhis Chakravorty is an Assamese journalist and author based in the historic city of Guwahati—the state capital of Assam in Northeastern India. He has spent over a decade working for various TV and digital media organizations in various capacities such as news anchor, reporter, producer and editor. Apart from traveling, reading books, appreciating movies and music, he is passionate about telling stories. This is his first published book. Currently he is working on two novels.