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COVID-19 Notes 2020

July 15th, 2020
Many borders are being crossed due to the Corona Virus and the economic crash in it’s wake. In all my years in the USA, I never heard of anyone talking about the statues of Confederacy icons yet today their existence in public places is being questioned.We see white men and women of all ages wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts or carrying signs the mantra that is a rallying point of the times. About time, say I. So while the haves head for the hills the rest are coping with crowded elevators and hallways of apartment building, taking public transportation and trying to stay alive. And what of the ‘front line workers’, the true heroes in the age of Pandemic?It is only right and sane that the French Republic celebrated their nationhood by saluting and honoring the ‘essential’ workers, not megalomaniacal politicians. It is also spurring innovation requiring a reexamination for all ‘givens’ to discover what awakens people to unite them in a common cause. Can we agree on ‘humanity’? If so, what is it? How do we define it? Which is exactly the domain of the portal called BorderTalk.

This came in Feb 2020
The ‘voice’ is finally born, forever followed relentlessly as a pole star, is now squeezing out by shear force of pandemic spread also spacing people apart, exposing extremes of human behavior. This wonder and dread filled forced sabbatical allows us the luxury of reflecting, well, some of us, about exactly what have we been up to all this time up to our eyeballs in… ‘oh, oh, oh, oh staying alive, staying alive….,!’ when we are already next to Covid-19, no

pushover this punishing killer of a teacher dealt to humanity by mother nature, I fully prostate to you respectfully, spare us till we find a antidote for your mischief, we abhor you yet you exist. How do we deal with it also requires us to question what do we know about it? And What do we do about it? Despite wild variations in the public messaging about it there has got to be a general consensus stemming from a scientific methodological approach to inferring intelligently from new fast breaking phenomena along with our response to it. So, also recognizing there are other ways of considering pandemics that stem from different cultural memories about past pandemics including holistic or shamanic approaches not necessarily at odds with science, but including other underlying conditions considerations yielding the experience of ‘illness’ and it’s ‘cure’. So while we eagerly await the coronation of the vaccine our knowledge base must be broadened while we have the opportunity to, to be better prepared for the the next time, hopefully we survive this one. Oy…. Selected material addressing that question and issues can be found on the Coolgrove home page. Useful, helpful, perhaps resourceful, experiential information as well as cosmological considerations in learning to wrap our brains around the fact that this can happen again and it is still raging in NYC. Articles and videos offer ways to look at it from various points of view, the better to be open about the many things that are uncovered during Pandemics. Above all else, I wish you the best that luck has to offer. May all your defense mechanisms work for you. It all begins with our pre-thought awareness, nature of mind where all the intelligence in the universe sits. A leap of faith you say? You don’t say! No, this is no time to be cocky, tongue in cheeky and fake mean. There is a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, a hole. Nothing lasts forever and the state of grace ever lives in our awareness, to be found. May it be your domain and ultimate refuge. Let us never forget first responders, we owe them a lifetime of debt. Ohm! Resist. Yours in this continuum, Tej.