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[FNX] FIRST NATION EXPERIENCE: the world of contemporary first peoples in N. America today.

My Latest favorite TV channel these days is FNX [First Nation Experience]. Also for some social media on this channel and people. In my decades of immigrant years in NYC I always wondered why we never get to see contemporary Native Americans aka Indigenous peoples of North America, unless you go to a PowWow to Ft Hamilton one memorable summer before the Pandemic. ‘Indians’ in full regalia, I was blown away. All the channel surfing in the world never brought up this channel until I gave up the cable box, bought a flat plastic sheet of ‘Rabbit Ears’ and a small digital hdtv convertor box for thirty bucks, I discovered FNX channel among the few that are freely available (according to where you live and the range of your rabbit ears). Now, I can’t stop watching contemporary First Peoples of North America of all ages in all walks of life with great community oriented programming including histories not just of American Indigenous people but that of Indigenous peoples on all continents, bridged by pre/post colonial and continued marginalization there is a bridging going on along the highways of film makers and artists and musicians with North American first nation folks reaching out to such ancient minorities and bringing them into focus right in your living room here. Check it out, you immigrants ! The descendants of the millions who paid dearly for us to enjoy the freedoms we came here for. Mind and Heart expanding exercise as I see it. This is all coolgrovetalk. Till the next time, stay safe! —Tej

Hard lessons over the weekend:
1. replacing a pedestal sink in the bathroom including the installation of plumbing from drain to trap to screwing it all together correctly without any leaking is harder than I ever imagined. Respect for plumbers not matter they cost so much. Dear Doctor please help me I’m leaking. there’s a hole where there once was a joint…
2. I am receiving a historical survey/lesson on the (old not yet antique) LISTSERV platform for group communications and comparing it to subscribed merge mail missives to group members individually. And how do these match up to function, based on need, with today’s platforms? Different functions and effects only possible to be described by people who are old and experienced enough to have used these precursors to social media platforms now available. RJ, our tech media alchemist is a hands on historian, very interesting topic. Different Strokes for Different Folks….If you need professional advice on how to build your platform check out:
Seabreeze IT Services for Humans RJ’s knowledge and know how on all current platforms is encyclopaedic because he grew up with these services.